Standard s-line skylights have been a go-to commercial and residential daylighting option for decades. Kalwall’s technology takes s-lines to the next level. Our translucent panels perfectly diffuse light to prevent the glare and hotspots that are a common problem with glass skylights. Customizable insulation options can achieve up to a .05 u-value, protecting the thermal performance of your building.

S-line skylights can be strategically placed to introduce daylight to hard-to-reach interior spaces or used to supplement other daylighting strategies. Our complimentary daylight modeling can help you determine ideal size and placement for your skylights.

Our rugged skylights are vandal resistant and man-safe for maintenance crews. Large missile impact resistance (up to Wind Zone 4, Missile Level D) and additional code-compliant features make our skylights a favorite where extreme weather is a concern.

We offer larger unit sizes, which means fewer roof penetrations for daylighting bigger commercial spaces. Flat curb-type skylights are available in standard 1′ increments, either 4′ or 5′ W, from 4′ to 20′ L. Units are curb ready, with factory-sealed aluminum perimeters for rapid install.

For toplighting solutions that are economical and easy to install, look no further than Kalwall’s s-lines.

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