About Our Company

A Family of Inventors

Our Mission

Promote Human-Centered Design

It is our mission to make the world a better place, one healthy, daylit building at a time.

Our primary focus has always been providing solutions for human needs. Over time, those needs have evolved from addressing material shortages and modular construction during WWII to providing energy efficiency in an evolving climate to realizing the importance of light for people’s health.

Today, we are passionate about the fundamental connection between light and health, and we understand that without light, there is no life.

At Kalwall, human-centered design means:

  • Creating buildings that promote human health.
  • Reducing the built environment’s carbon footprint.
  • Manufacturing safe and resilient materials.
  • Promoting a positive working atmosphere for our employees and the industry.

Promote human-centered design in your space by understanding how your daylighting will perform.

Daylight Modeling

Our Vision


Our company was built around a product that offers more than the sum of its parts.

Now our company continues to meet this vision by providing more than what you expect: more benefits, more project involvement and more value.

To create real value, we will:

  • Develop and empower employees to act in the interest of the project.
  • Provide forward-thinking options and solutions.
  • Build enduring relationships.
  • Produce work that makes us and our clients proud.

Kalwall provides building designers and owners with the most advanced technologies in the world to fulfill their own visions of creating better buildings for people that balance performance, economy and beauty.

Strategic Partners

Structures Unlimited, Inc.

Structures Unlimited is recognized as the premier single-source manufacturer of structural skylights, skyroofs®, pool enclosures, canopies, walkways and entire structures. Daylighting monumental spaces from swimming pools and natatoriums to gyms, libraries, museums and classrooms, Structures Unlimited deploys its unique, pre-engineered box-beam system to span areas in excess of 100 feet while providing a clean, finished appearance that is virtually maintenance-free, energy efficient and highly corrosion resistant. Their aluminum box-beam superstructures proved to be a perfect fit for Kalwall panels, creating brilliant clearspan™ settings that feature diffuse natural daylight.

Keller Products has long been a leader in OEM polymers, plastic extrusion and PVC alternatives technology and composite wood solutions. Their plastics division is a leading supplier of complex extruded plastic profiles and green plastic design solutions, with in-house expertise and a commitment to innovation. Keller provides full service, from rapid prototyping to tooling design, for difficult extrusions for demanding markets, including automotive tier 2, aircraft and underwriter’s laboratory (UL) listed applications. Their wood division supplies custom molded composite furniture and enjoys an international reputation for Keller Shells—world renowned for sound quality and reliability in the high-end drum/music industry.

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