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A History of Industry Firsts

We care about what we do, and we are proud of our people, our products and our 60+ years of daylighting expertise. No other company in the world has dedicated more years, resources, creativity and innovation into the science and art of daylighting. You can see proof of this dedication in our history of industry ‘firsts’. This is our legacy.

But it is our duty to always keep innovating.

At Kalwall, it’s not just about selling a product; it’s about advancing the practice of daylighting to benefit the entire AEC community and the people who occupy our built environment. Our complimentary daylight modeling service can help you marry outstanding design with outstanding environmental performance.

Our innovation in daylighting goes beyond addressing the quality and quantity of light to include:

  • Human health + wellness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Materials science
  • Composite engineering
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The Kalwall Difference

Our in-house research + development department is always active in furthering the performance of our existing products and pursuing opportunities with new technologies.

We don’t simply source our materials; we are involved in their development. Kalwall is the only one in the industry to manufacture our own face sheets. We invest in materials science so we can incorporate the most recent gains in knowledge into our products. Our collaboration with scientists, universities, materials vendors and other researchers helps to keep them abreast of how their work affects or could better address AEC community needs. All of this contributes to the Kalwall difference, allowing us to provide the best face-sheet technologies and composite products.

Our R+D department has active programs involved with:

  • Material science
  • Composites engineering
  • Insulation + thermal technology
  • System component technology
  • Photovoltaics technology

Resiliency + Sustainability

There is no question that every building, and every building product, must be concerned about its impact on our environment.

A commitment to sustainable building isn’t about checking off a single box. It’s a way of thinking that starts at the very beginning of the product manufacturing process and carries through the lifetime of a building.

Daylighting plays a critical role in ensuring a sustainable design that creates a positive and productive environment for the people inside and, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, reduces as much as one-third of total building energy costs.

At Kalwall, we address resiliency + sustainability through:

  • Daylighting to improve human health + wellness.
  • Energy efficiency and thermal performance that reduces a building’s carbon footprint.
  • A durable product that stands up to fire, wind and other natural or man-made threats.
  • Products made from recyclable materials.

Kalwall has been incorporated into the designs of 1000+ LEED® and BREEAM certified projects. View our LEED brochure to see how to earn credits. Kalwall has also been specified in multiple Net Zero Energy projects.

We'd love to collaborate with you. Reach out to our product development team.

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