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Kalwall News

Kalwall Appoints New Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Kalwall Corporation is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Thomas Cross to the position of Manufacturing Engineering Manager....



Kalwall News

Kalwall Corporation Appoints New Supply Chain and Process Innovation Manager

Kalwall is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Sullivan to the position of Supply Chain and Process Innovation...


Kalwall News

Kalwall Corporation Appoints New Vice President, Customer Experience

Kalwall is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle MacInnis to the position of Vice President, Customer Experience. This new...


Daylighting benefits

Architecture + Building

The Benefits of Daylighting

Throughout history, daylighting—controlling the amount of natural light that comes into buildings—has been an essential element in building design.  Windows...


Methodist South ER Addition


Invest in Bird-Friendly Translucent Facades by Kalwall for Earth Month 2023

When spring arrives, millions of birds migrate through the U.S. to their summer homes in the Northern Hemisphere, where...


Kalwall Facades YMCA Northeast Bronx

Architecture + Building

Build Translucent: The Benefits of Translucent Facades

Building materials often fall into two main categories: the transparent windows you can see through and the opaque walls...

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