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North Pole High School

Architecture + Building

See How Kalwall Removable Skylights Can Bring Your Next Project to Life.

Skylights have the remarkable ability to transform ordinary places into extraordinary spaces that promote increased productivity and well-being for...


Daylighting benefits

Architecture + Building

The Benefits of Daylighting

Throughout history, daylighting—controlling the amount of natural light transmission into buildings—has been an essential element in building design. Windows have...


YMCA North Bronx interior w/ people playing basketball among blue and white walls and Kalwall facade on upper third of wall.

Architecture + Building

Build Translucent: The Benefits of Translucent Facades

Building materials often fall into two main categories: the transparent windows you can see through and the opaque walls...


West Tennessee Transitional Care Facility exterior featuring a Kalwall canopy at sunset

Architecture + Building

Five Reasons to Choose a Translucent Canopy

Canopies serve many purposes. They can highlight an entryway, ease transitions and provide shelter. As the use of outdoor...


Benenden Hospital

Architecture + Building

Specifying Skylights: How to Choose Between Translucent and Transparent

Skylights are a great, often economical way to introduce lighting into a space.


Glass building

Architecture + Building

Is glass going out of style?

Glass has been used as the portal to the outdoors for centuries. But times are changing. In a world where...

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