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Building exterior with wooden panels wrapping two building segments jutting out and a Kalwall curtain wall system between

Architecture + Building

Four Reasons to Choose Aerogel Insulation When Daylighting

When designing a structure and determining if and where to implement daylighting, insulation is going to be a primary...


Stockton Campus

Architecture + Building

Measure the Value of Daylighting with Daylight Modeling

The value of introducing natural light to a space has been proven again and again through scientific studies. Humans...


Kalwall Roof

Architecture + Building

Benefits of Replacing a Roof with Translucent Sandwich Panels

Is your building’s existing roof or skylight system failing due to decay or leakage? An alternative to replacing it...


Opening Tech Logo

Kalwall News

Kalwall® and Structures Unlimited Partner With Opening Technologies

Strategic partners Kalwall Corporation and Structures Unlimited, Inc.—based in New Hampshire—proudly announce a partnership with Opening Technologies, Inc. of California.


Distributor Sales

Kalwall News

Powers Products Named Kalwall® Distributor of The Year

Powers Products, which has been partnering with Kalwall Corporation since 1970, was named Kalwall’s Distributor of the Year at...


Flying bird


Sustainable Architecture: How to Help Prevent Bird Strikes

The statistics sound like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Every year in the United States, more than one...

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