Kalwall Defies Definition

It lets in light? It must be a window.
It’s highly insulated? It must be a wall.

Photo: Mark Duffus


Kalwall is neither but provides the best of both worlds.

What if you could let light in and maintain a thermally efficient envelope? Have you ever really considered what you can do with translucent materials? Now, consider your entire building a luminaire. Defying definition, Kalwall translucent materials can change how you build.


The focus on improving infrastructure has never been greater, and the opportunity arising across the globe highlights the need for sustainability that benefits both humans and our environment through the way we build.

Translucent building can break the mold in every market.

Improve the mood and performance of building occupants, whether they’re students, athletes or employees, through the health benefits of daylighting. Protect privacy in commercial or academic settings. Ensure security in transportation, military and other high-risk environments. Achieve all this while reducing energy usage and supporting worldwide sustainability goals.

Unique ideas are still required. And when it comes to innovative solutions, Kalwall has your back.

Some of our most-requested solutions include:

  • Window replacements for failing facade systems. An intuitive retrofit option providing significant cost savings.
  • Monumental skyroofs® in schools to create comfortable common spaces where students want to spend time.
  • Single-source translucent canopies from Structures Unlimited, Inc. that save time and money with delegated design and precision fabrication—perfect for bus stations, airports and schools.
  • Removable skylights that introduce diffuse daylight into a workspace while allowing easy access to industrial equipment.

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