Featherstone High School exterior featuring Kalwall facade application combined with unitized panels for view to outside


Thermal + Energy

Thermal Performance

With a wide range of insulation packages, from 0.29 to 0.05 U (1.65 to 0.28 W/m2k), Kalwall’s exceptional thermal performance options are unmatched in the fenestration industry.

Thermally broken panels with translucent insulation provide unmatched condensation resistance factors (CRF) of approximately 80 CRF or better.

The clamp-tite™ fastening system can be specified thermally broken to minimize thermal bridging.

Compared to lookalike products, which utilize a poured and debridged thermal break, Kalwall has developed superior thermal break technology with a composite l-beam, comprised of two aluminum flanges and an all-FRP thermally broken web. This is stronger and prevents more thermal bridging than the all-aluminum alternative.

Thermal Insulation Performance Charts

Solar Heat Gain Control

The measure of solar heat gain is called the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and is expressed as a decimal between 0 and 1—The lower the SHGC, the less solar gain admitted into a building.

Maximize energy savings with an SHGC as low as .04.

Control heat transfer without the need for special tints or coatings, like vision glazing.

Improve solar heat gain control by as much as 900% compared to traditional insulated glass units.

Kalwall can provide a range of SHGCs suitable for a particular application and climate.

SHGC Performance Charts

Energy Efficiency

No other fenestration product performs better at reducing HVAC heating and cooling loads while harvesting daylight and managing solar gain.

Less radiant energy transmitted, coupled with diffusion, does away with hot spots so common to many light transmitting materials.

Controlled daylighting in buildings proven to pay back in electrical and cooling costs.

Compatible with energy codes – based upon both ASHRAE-90.1, with NFRC certification to ensure testing repeatability.

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