Introducing the first of our new Translucent Insulated Glazing Units (TIGUs)

Presenting Kalwall 175CW: the first in a series of new translucent insulated glazing units (TIGUs) for facade applications. Our 44mm TIGUs are designed to be compatible with most curtain wall systems available on the market, allowing you to mix and match Kalwall translucent panels with other infill glazings and opaque claddings, offering limitless design possibilities – without sacrificing performance.

Kalwall 175CW works with third-party systems so you’re ready to start building, whether you’re ready to conduct a retrofit or you’re thinking ahead to a future-fit. Plug and play wherever you need to daylight with confidence, no matter the application.

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175CW + Glass

The Perfect Supplement—or Replacement

While Kalwall’s translucent daylighting panels are often used in place of glass, with Kalwall 175CW, you don’t have to choose.

From installation to performance, 175CW defies expectations, combining the best of Kalwall’s translucent daylighting panel technology with the flexibility to integrate into a much wider array of projects. Plus, similar to Kalwall’s traditional translucent panel systems our TIGUs are incredibly lightweight (less than 1.5 lbs/ft2) allowing you to achieve exceptional spans to offer the ultimate in design flexibility.

Daylighting Meets Flexibility

Same Translucent Panel Technology/New Applications

Kalwall 175CW was specifically developed for seamless compatibility with third-party curtain wall systems. While all Kalwall panels offer best-in-industry thermal performance and solar heat gain control, Kalwall 175CW offers high-performance glazing unlike anything in the industry. It allows you to:

  • Create perfectly bright, comfortable spaces without sacrificing daylight autonomy.
  • Mix and match Kalwall 175CW with double- or triple-glazed units, spandrels and other claddings for the best of both worlds. Plug and play wherever you need to daylight with confidence.
  • TIGUs offer privacy/modesty and are bird-friendly.
  • Eliminate the need for secondary control systems.
  • Low maintenance panels are graffiti and vandal resistant.

Down to the Details

Kalwall 175CW TIGUs are lightweight (less than 1.5 lbs/ft2), strong and highly impact resistant ensuring you receive the exceptional quality for which Kalwall is renowned.

Check the specs:

  • TIGUs for facade applications are available up to 5 x 15 feet.
  • Precisely insulated panels with three U-factors are available: 0.28, 0.16 and 0.14 options.
  • Standard grid patterns include Shoji-reverse and Ladder. Shoji, VertiKal™, Tuckerman and other orthogonal grid patterns are also available.
  • NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certified 100, 201 and 202 values available for all Crystal-White exterior/interior facesheet combinations and all four exterior cloud series Kal-tints™ (Cumulus, Cirrus, Nimbus, Stratus) with Crystal-White interior faces.
  • Up to ten-year warranty on abnormal color change, fiberbloom and KWS coating.

We’re here to help with your project. Kalwall technical representatives are highly trained and equipped to be an integral part of your team.

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