Kalwall Debuts New High-Performance Translucent Glazing Product

Kalwall® has long been an innovator in the field of translucent daylighting panels that bring countless benefits to any build. Now those benefits are even more accessible: Kalwall has engineered a new product that can be seamlessly installed into most third-party curtain wall systems. Mix and match the best daylighting solution on the market with other cladding materials to meet your design and energy efficiency goals.

Enter Kalwall 175CW.

Kalwall 175CW is a new translucent insulated glazing unit (TIGU) designed by Kalwall to expand where and how Kalwall can be used. Our 44mm TIGUs fit into practically any curtain wall system on the market. This means you can bring Kalwall’s industry-leading thermal performance to any facade design—without sacrificing comfort or daylighting quality.

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High-performance glazing meetings the most versatile daylighting solution in the industry.

175CW offers the benefits of museum-quality daylighting™, exceptional thermal properties and superb solar heat gain control (SHGC), allowing you to increase occupant comfort without sacrificing performance. Plus, TIGUs have excellent impact resistance and a lower carbon footprint and require minimal operational maintenance compared to glass.

When you incorporate 175CW TIGUs as part of a retrofit, you’ll discover opportunities to make your building significantly more energy efficient, with high-performance glazing options available.

Kalwall’s fully customizable daylighting panels can also be adjusted to fit any need or desire when it comes to vision vs. translucency, allowing you to mix and match Kalwall 175CW with double- or triple-glazed units, spandrels and other claddings for the best of both worlds.

Supplement or replace glass spans for the ultimate in design flexibility.

Glass has long been used as the material of choice for views to the outdoors. But glass facades don’t provide controlled diffuse daylighting and are expensive when it comes to achieving good thermal performance and SHGC. It becomes a choice to pay up front for higher-performance glass and supplemental light control systems or to pay more for HVAC bills after occupancy.

With 175CW, you don’t have to choose. Our TIGUs are lightweight and require smaller curtain wall profiles than glass. They also provide significantly larger spans without increased structural requirements, saving you money. Thus, mixing translucent Kalwall TIGUs with glass into a facade design becomes a financial game changer, reducing operational costs while completely elevating your daylighting design. Choose translucent TIGUs in cladding areas needing privacy and security while still having the option to unitize with glass.

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Kalwall 175CW TIGUs:

  • Are incredibly lightweight (less than 1.5 lbs/ft2), meaning you can achieve larger spans with less curtain wall—all while boasting the same benefits and performance factors as traditional Kalwall panels.
  • Are highly insulted, serving as an alternative or supplement to glass to create a more balanced atmosphere that offers the ultimate in design flexibility while achieving superior thermal performance and upgrading building energy performance.
  • Combine the best of Kalwall’s translucent daylighting panel technology with the flexibility to integrate into a much wider array of projects.
  • Offer privacy/modesty where needed or desired.
  • Are bird-friendly, thanks to their translucent nature, helping to eliminate bird strikes.
  • Eliminate the need for secondary daylighting control systems, such as shades or blinds, while providing even, diffuse daylight to an entire space, eliminating glare and hot spots.
  • Plus, low-maintenance panels don’t require frequent cleaning like glass and are graffiti and vandal resistant.

So remember: When you’re ready for your next build or upgrade, whether it’s a retrofit or a future-fit, Kalwall 175CW fits in anywhere.

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