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In addition to these offerings, we’re always happy to customize a presentation for you to address your specific questions and project needs. Contact your local Kalwall representative to request a virtual or in-person meeting at any time.


    Students and teachers deserve bright, healthily lit spaces. The benefits of properly daylighting an educational space can be seen in improved productivity, reduced sick days and lowered utility bills. Learn how Kalwall can help you build beautifully daylit spaces.

    There are many reasons that Kalwall is such a natural fit for coaches, athletes, trainers and fans alike. Providing glare-free, full-spectrum light is ideal for videography, mental focus and visual acuity. Learn more about how Kalwall can help you build a facility fit for champions.

    Kalwall’s daylighting systems are a perfect fit for the demanding requirements of military applications. Our specialty systems meet UFC 4-010-01 blast requirements, and our products in general are well known for both their ruggedness and ability to provide safety and security for high-value assets and military personnel. Learn how Kalwall can help you build secure military spaces.

    From airports to bus and train stations, Kalwall’s translucent systems are a perfect fit for keeping your project moving in the right direction. Travelers will benefit from visual privacy, enhanced security and easier way-finding due to brilliant natural daylight or soft backlighting. Facility managers can enjoy superior energy efficiency, easy cleaning and high visual acuity for inspection or repair workers.

    Kalwall’s museum-quality daylighting™ provides balanced, full-spectrum light for assembly or inspection areas that require high visual acuity while providing visual privacy from the outside to protect proprietary technologies. Looking to boost worker performance, reduce absenteeism, lower maintenance requirements or capture energy savings? Learn how Kalwall can help you accomplish all that and more.

    The design challenges facing architects and builders when renovating older buildings are considerable, from increasing energy efficiency to navigating inherited structural and building code changes. Kalwall is a lightweight, rapidly installed and beautiful solution for bringing old buildings into the modern, daylit, era. Learn more about how Kalwall can help you accomplish a retrofit on budget and on schedule.

    How we design the buildings where people go to receive care has never been more important. Patients, doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers deserve a thoughtfully constructed environment. Proper daylighting with Kalwall is proven to increase mood, boost energy levels, and help maintain circadian rhythms for overall improved body function. This is just the beginning. Learn more about how Kalwall can help you build healthy environments for hospitals, nursing homes, and other types of healthcare facilities.

    From performing arts centers and music schools to museums and Native American centers, Kalwall is proud to be a part of cultural facilities around the world. Culture is at the heart of our communities, and it’s our job to shine a light on the things that matter most. With natural, diffuse daylight improving visual acuity and boosting mood, there’s no better way to help people embrace culture.

    Our beautiful, soft daylighting not only helps to boost sales, but it also creates much more comfortable, energy-efficient spaces that customers, employees and building owners alike can all appreciate. Similarly, in corporate and professional office environments, balanced diffuse daylighting is preferred for its ability to enhance worker satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and boost staff productivity.

    Kalwall’s translucent systems provide a perfect environment for both workers and equipment, with diffuse daylighting for visual acuity and unbeatable insulation values to prevent freeze-ups. Structures Unlimited’s pre-engineered, prefabricated and pre-finished enclosures, including removable skylights, can be erected in days to provide fast solutions for immediate use. Plus, systems are mildew, fungus, corrosion and termite resistant for low maintenance and longevity. Learn how we can help you build efficient, effective water treatment spaces.

    Kalwall’s diffuse, full-spectrum natural daylighting delivers soft, serene natural light to places of worship, creating a spiritual setting that both soothes and inspires. Over the years, many designers have utilized Kalwall to great effect, often simulating stained glass windows with our colored inserts. Learn how you can incorporate Kalwall into your next church or religious space.

    Invite costumers and guests into brightly lit spaces that encourage them to stay. Whether introducing a skylight to a hotel atrium or providing a whole new dining experience with a Kalwall façade, skyroof®, or canopy, we can help you discover a daylighting solution that keeps customers coming back.

    Discover how Kalwall’s museum-quality daylighting™ brightens up the home while introducing the same unmatched benefits you get with commercial projects: thermal performance, energy efficiency, low maintenance, comfort and wellness and more!

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    When daylighting a space, there are endless ways to go about it. With the power of daylight simulation, you can make informed decisions about material selections, placement and opening sizes, as well as building geometries. Modeling allows you to compare multiple designs to see how they will perform, while verifying light levels, potential glare and code compliance. Learn how we can help.

    We’re a family of inventors, and we’re never idle. This isn’t your grandfather’s Kalwall anymore. From ongoing technology improvements to new and exciting aesthetic options, register for one of these sessions to be inspired by Kalwall’s most recent innovations.

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