Pre-Engineered Skyroofs®

Kalwall offers a wide range of pre-engineered skyroofs, including shed roofs, ridge roofs, pyramids, barrel vaults and low-profile vaults. All of our pre-engineered skyroofs offer attractive, affordable toplighting solutions for any daylit space.

Our standard translucent panels are lightweight, weighing in at 2 lbs/sq. foot | 9.8 kg/sq. meter on average. This significantly minimizes support framing requirements, especially compared to glass roof systems. Only thrust-bearing curbs designed to accommodate local live snow and wind load designs are required. Large, monumental daylighting spans up to 24′ are possible, depending on load and slope, without additional support framing.

Our rugged roof systems are all man-safe and OSHA fall-through compliant, meaning no safety cages required—another cost savings. Pair that with the low-maintenance, energy-efficient nature of all our daylighting systems and you have the perfect solution for any roof.

Technical Information

We’re here to help with your project. Kalwall technical representatives are highly trained and equipped to be an integral part of your team.

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