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Kalwall® featured in another Award Winning Project

Kalwall® Boys and Girls Club

Jack A. Vickers Boys & Girls Club of Denver Earns Mayor’s Design Award The Nancy P. Anschutz Center’s Jack A. Vickers Boys & Girls Club is...


Suitable for framing: Kalwall® brings distinct lighting to award-winning design

The Calder Foundation’s new office suite/gallery

What was once three disparate rooftop sheds are now one breathtaking space that Calder Foundation president Alexander S.C. Rower compares to a Parisian artist’s garret. The...


Kalwall® and Structures Unlimited Inc. Partners with Mays Maune McWard

Kalwall® Corporation and Structures Unlimited Inc., added the respected firm of Mays Maune McWard Inc. as their distributor in parts of Illinois and Missouri. Mays Maune...


ArchDaily article on a Kalwall® 100 project in Australia

Kalwall® 100 features brightly in the Tintern Middle Schools designed by Architectus, of Melbourne, Australia. Energy efficiency and diffuse daylighting offered by the translucent Kalwall®...


Luxembourg Freeport on Dezeen

Wealthy art investors can enjoy their collections while avoiding tax thanks to a new duty-free storage unit at Luxembourg international airport by Atelier d'Architecture 3BM3 featuring multiple,...


The A,B,Cs of Kalwall® in Schools

The ability to transform any educational setting into something inspirational is what makes Kalwall® translucent structural sandwich panels a preferred component for a broad range...

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