Supermaterial: Kalwall Daylighting Technology Recognized Internationally

Kalwall translucent sandwich panels are a featured product at a two-month long exhibit in London being hosted by the Built Environment Trust.

The SuperMaterials exhibit, which began February 1 at the London Building Centre and concludes April 27, highlights how scientific developments have transformed the way we build.

The series of exhibits aims to inform how materials and technology are changing the future of construction, and explore how the application of raw materials influences the constant evolution of architecture. Dubbed the “next industrial revolution” by The Building Centre, this evolving phase has a sharp focus on stronger, lighter, thinner and biodegradable products.

Robert Keller’s Kalwall panels may have been introduced in 1955 in New Hampshire, but they have stood the test of time as a truly revolutionary development that remains a key feature in projects around the world.

Click here for more information regarding the exhibit.

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