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Visual Blog: Kalwall in the Retail/Commercial Market

new belgium kalwall

Introducing diffuse natural daylighting into a retail space has proven to increase sales and productivity. Full spectrum, glare-free daylight encourages consumers to spend more time...


A’18: Trending Styles and Single-Source Solutions

aia 18 booth

Architects are looking for bold alternatives when it comes to daylighting solutions, including dynamic control of daylighting and gridless panels in the monolithic style currently...


Visual Blog: Kalwall in the Healthcare Market

methodist south emergency room entrance

Creating healthy buildings to best serve the people inside them is Kalwall’s mission. Providing innovative solutions to bring natural daylight into the places where we...


3 Reasons to Consider Solar Heat Gain in Architecture

Designing the look and feel of a building’s daylighting is a delicate balance of considerations. Primary among them is how solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)...


Building for Health: Insights from the IES Research Symposium

benenden hospital

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine estimated the number of deaths due to medical errors to be between 44,000 and 98,000. That number, in a...


Skylights: Bringing Out the Best in Art

Curators and collectors continually struggle with the age old dilemma of how to find the right lighting for works of art without risking undue damage. The...

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