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Visual Blog: Kalwall in the Military Market

Kalwall's panels are rugged in nature, making them ideal for military applications. The system meets UFC 4-010-01 blast requirements and blocks line of sight for...


Visual Blog: Kalwall in Sports and Recreation

Clemson Indoor Football Practice Facility

The ability to control natural daylight enhances any athletic facility, from recreational to professional sports. Providing glare-free, full-spectrum light is ideal for videography, mental focus...


Is glass going out of style?

glass building

Glass has been used as the portal to the outdoors for centuries. But times are changing. In a world where we are becoming more aware of...


Sustainable Architecture: How to Help Prevent Bird Strikes

Bird flying

The statistics sound like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Every year in the United States, more than one billion birds die flying into buildings....


Visual Blog: Kalwall in the Education Market

deakin university

Introducing diffuse natural daylight into educational facilities provides advantages on multiple levels, the most important being the benefit to students. Multiple studies have shown that...


BAU 2019 Brings Out the Best in Architecture and Building Design

kalwall booth

Trend Tracking: BAU 2019 Brings Out the Best in Architecture and Building Design Trends in the building industry don’t usually come and go overnight. It’s about...

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