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Specifying Skylights: How to Choose Between Translucent and Transparent


Skylights are a great, often economical way to introduce lighting into a space. Not only can you save on electric costs by utilizing skylights, but...


Kalwall® Achieves Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certifications

Marvel Designs

The Northeast Bronx YMCA features Kalwall wall systems throughout multiple spaces, and is targeted to achieve LEED Gold | Marvel Designs | © Scott...


Is glass going out of style?

glass building

Glass has been used as the portal to the outdoors for centuries. But times are changing. In a world where we are becoming more aware of...


Four Reasons to Choose Aerogel Insulation When Daylighting

lumira aerogel featured image

When designing a structure and determining if and where to implement daylighting, insulation is going to be a primary concern. A common false assumption is...


Measure the Value of Daylighting with Daylight Modeling

Stockton Campus Center

The value of introducing natural light to a space has been proven again and again through scientific studies. Humans crave light for our mental well-being...


Benefits of Replacing a Roof with Translucent Sandwich Panels

Hudson County High Tech High School

Is your building’s existing roof or skylight system failing due to decay or leakage? An alternative to replacing it with troublesome glass or maintaining an...

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