Kalwall in the Military Market

Kalwall’s panels are rugged in nature, making them ideal for military applications. The system meets UFC 4-010-01 blast requirements and blocks line of sight for added safety. Made in the United States, Kalwall both empowers our employees and protects our military personnel.

Here are six military projects across the country where Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels have been used to provide the right diffuse natural daylighting solution and shelter our servicemen and women.

Camp Withycombe

Clackamas, Oregon, USA

Extensive skylights fitted with Kalwall translucent panels are a signature feature to the modernization of this military campus. The Oregon Military Department lowered its energy costs by 40 percent, achieved LEED® Gold certification and added an extra layer of protection for its personnel. Kalwall panels do not shatter, making them the ideal material for a blast location.

Baker Field House

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, USA

Translucent panels unitized with glass provide a connection to the outdoors. But in Alaska’s sub-zero temperatures, it was important not to sacrifice thermal performance. Kalwall + aerogel provides insulation approximating that of a solid wall (U-value of .05), while admitting superior daylighting to ensure a healthy environment for training military forces.

Vehicle Maintenance Facility

Fort Wainwright, Alaska, USA

Kalwall provides high visual acuity compared to artificial lighting, with its unparalleled, glare-free diffuse light that penetrates deep into spaces. This means easier inspections, less eye fatigue, faster repairs and higher quality controls for maintenance personnel who are working on complex machinery.

Fairchild Air Force Base Fitness Center

Spokane, Washington, USA

In military facilities, safety and security is of the utmost importance. Kalwall helps protect the occupants by blocking line of sight from outside the building. The panels also provide glare-free daylighting for enhanced visual acuity and mental focus to maximize athletic effort.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Washington, USA

By utilizing Kalwall as glazing for bi-fold hangar doors in addition to clerestories, this maintenance/storage facility takes full advantage of Kalwall’s superior thermal performance and museum-quality daylight™ for a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. The panels are impact and vandal resistant, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a secure building.

Tucker Indoor Pool

Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA

When you combine Kalwall with strategic partner Structures Unlimited, Inc.’s aluminum box beam system, you get a turnkey solution for pool enclosures. The corrosion resistant structural aluminum framing is factory pre-finished, and the Kalwall panels provide diffuse daylight that minimizes glare off the water for safe swimming.

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