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Kalwall System Components

Kalwall Cutaway Diagram


1) Kalwall Weatherable Coating (KWS) technology aids in the panel’s self-cleaning properties and provides additional resistance to UV and heat exposure for lasting performance

2) The Bond Line between interior and exterior FRP face sheets and grid-core utilizes our proprietary adhesive technology

3) Color stable, exterior Fiber-Reinforced Polymer FRP face sheet with a permanent glass veil erosion barrier to eliminate fiberbloom

4) Translucent Insulation (TI) options, including Cabot’s LumiraTM aerogel offer exceptional thermal up to 0.05 U

5) Interior shatterproof Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) face sheet formulated to meet finish, flame and smoke requirements of the toughest international codes

6) Aluminum or thermally-broken Grid Core composed of a series of interlocking I-beams



Translucent Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Faces


FRP Faces

We produce a selection of translucent FRP to meet a wide range of project applications including specially formulated, exterior rated FRP as well as high impact, vandal resistant, UL and FM options. White and Crystal are standard. Kal-tints are optional.

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Structural Grid Core


The Kalwall panel’s structural grid core provides strength while being extremely lightweight. That said, each core configuration performs differently. In general, more vertical mullions and tighter grids allow for longer spans and more panel stiffness. Both standard aluminum I-beams and thermally-broken interlocking I-beams are available.

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Translucent Insulation (TI) Thermal Packages



U-factors (only thermally broken panel values shown above) + VLT% ranges for 2-3/4″ thick Kalwall panels


U-factors (only thermally broken panel values shown above) + VLT% ranges for 4” thick Kalwall panels

Numerous translucent insulation options are available between 0.29-0.08 U-factor. For the most demanding applications, Kalwall offers a 0.05 U-factor (R-20) Lumira® aerogel option (available in 2-3/4″ thick panels only | limited grid-cores options available). TI specifications affect not only thermal performance but visible light transmission (VLT%) and solar heat gain control as well so please consult our sales team to optimize your design including our complementary daylight modeling services.

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As you can see, there are many considerations when designing and specifying with Kalwall. Please contact us for further information from one of our Sales Representatives based on your project specific requirements.

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