Increase Retail Sales
Under proper daylighting, patrons browse longer and purchase more. It’s proven that daylighting increases retail sales up to 40%.

Kalwall’s superior thermal properties and unrivaled solar heat gain control allow for daylit spaces that people want to congregate in, as opposed to glass skylights or facades, which can create a glare-filled hotbox.

Improve Productivity + Performance
People thrive under daylight.

All building occupants benefit from improved mood, alertness and increased productivity.

A healthier atmosphere boosts academic and workforce performance, with less absenteeism and higher staff retention.

Be Sustainable
Daylighting is the foundation of sustainable design. Treat your building as a luminaire by harvesting sunlight to achieve daylight autonomy, reducing the need for artificial light and complex and expensive control systems.

Kalwall helps you earn LEED™ and WELL points while meeting stringent energy codes and reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

Provide Beneficial Blue Light
Kalwall delivers vital blue light during the day. Blue light acts as a short-term alertness stimulant and reinforces natural circadian rhythms.

Blue light also affects metabolic and hormonal functions, ultimately helping to provide a calm, focused mindset and can improve sleep.

Our modeling service offers analysis to help you understand blue light within your space.

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