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To view and download construction-ready detail drawings, mouse over detail and click on the detail number or click on the detail name. Download this entire system drawing as a .DWG or .PDF file.

CAUTION: Not all CAD details are appropriate for use in all applications. In order to ensure accuracy, expedite your project and save you time and money, please provide your email address here so that we may assist you, even at a preliminary stage, in your design.

standard systems

1. Standard Wall Head .DWG
2. Standard Wall Sill .DWG
3. Standard Wall Jamb .DWG
4. Wall Batten .DWG
5. Multi-Story Batten .DWG
6. Outside Corner Batten .DWG

.PDF download of full drawing
.DWG download of full drawing

HC-2000 windows

HC-2000 Fixed Window
HC-2000 Project-Out Window
HC-2000 Project-In Window