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Kalwall has developed numerous FRP face sheet formulations for a full range of project applications. All of our exterior FRP utilizes our proprietary super weathering (SW) thermoset polymer systems. In addition, specialty FRP options for: high impact, hurricane high impact, Class A roofs, FM, UL and CE fire-rated projects can all be specified. Consult with your sales representative as many factors must be well understood before a final selection can be specified to maximize performance, aesthetics, and cost.


FRP Face Sheet Construction: 0.070” Exterior Series

1 Kalwall UV-blocking Weatherable Surface (KWS)
2 Super-Weathering UV-stable thermoset polymer matrix
3 Encapsulated glass veil erosion barrier
4 Super-Weathering UV-stable thermoset polymer matrix
5 Prismatic glass fiber reinforcing (including high impact and specialty options)
6 Super-Weathering UV-stable thermoset polymer matrix




FRP Face Sheet Construction: 0.045” Interior Series

1 Fire-resistant thermoset polymer matrix (flame and smoke ratings available +RESOURCES)
2 Prismatic glass fiber reinforcing (including high impact and specialty options)
3 Fire-resistant thermoset Polymer matrix (flame and smoke rating available +RESOURCES)
4 Optional FRP finishes + embossings available



Standard Design Options


FRP Faces | Standards (available for: exterior | interior | specialty applications)


FRP Faces | Kal-tints™ (recommended for exterior faces only)


FRP Faces | Finishes + Textures (available for interior faces only)