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In addition to providing invaluable daylighting, Kalwall’s superior energy efficiency and low maintenance/clean-ability features make it a favorite in the transportation sector. Translucency provides visual privacy and contributes to safety and security along with blast-resistant, explosion venting, and other specialty applications for more demanding conditions. Fortunately, balanced daylighting with true color rendition makes reading signage easier for transiting customers, and mitigates hot spots and shadows which can lead to visual confusion and trip hazards – especially for seniors. On the operational facilities side, Kalwall provides high visual acuity compared to artificial lighting, with its unparalleled glare-free, diffuse light that penetrates deep into spaces. This means easier inspections, less eye fatigue, faster repairs and higher quality controls for maintenance personnel who are working on complex machinery like, aircraft or trains or commercial trucks.

Kalwall's balanced natural light makes airport travel less stressful.

RDU International Airport Terminal | Raleigh-Durham, NC | Clark Nexsen Architects | photography: Mark Herboth

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