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In the highly competitive world of collegiate and professional sports, practice facilities and spectator venues really get into the action. For practice facilities, Kalwall is the daylighting product of choice. There are many reasons that Kalwall is such a natural fit for coaches, athletes, trainers and fans alike. Our glare-free, diffuse daylighting provides the best quality, full-spectrum light, offering perfect color rendition and improving athlete’s visual acuity and mental focus. Kalwall also provides the perfect environment for both casual spectators and professional videographers where documenting both practices and competitive matches with exceptional lighting is essential. Translucent panels offer enhanced security and provide visual privacy to shield activities within – all while delivering incredible energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs to owners.

Even Yankee Stadium has embraced Kalwall's daylighting products.

Yankee Stadium | Bronx, NY | Architect: Populous

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