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Diffuse natural light has a profound effect on buildings and the people in them

Kalwall® translucent daylighting systems have been the industry leader for more than 60 years. Our composite panels transform sunlight into glare-free, museum-quality daylighting™ to enhance any space, from educational to recreational, industrial to military, cultural to commercial. Our Skyroofs® bring monumental light to any project.

But what does that mean to the people inside the many stores and schools where Kalwall® daylighting systems have been used?

Increased productivity
Increased sales due to higher consumer consumption
Increased academic performance
Lower energy costs

Kalwall® is leading the way in energy efficiency

Kalwall® daylighting solutions fit into any part of a building, from low to mid-rise, and provide the industry’s highest light-transmitting thermal envelope with U values of .53 to .05 (2.57 to .28 W/m2k) to boost total energy efficiency and realize significant savings in electrical lighting and HVAC climate control costs. Integrating our rugged, man-safe, low maintenance Kalwall® panels, Skyroofs® and skylights can generate LEED® credits and significantly reduce cleaning costs.

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