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How Would You Grade Your School Building Design?

Designing buildings for education can be complex. These are the buildings that shape the minds of our future, so ensuring an ideal learning environment is key. And while numerous studies have shown the importance of proper daylighting when it comes to student health and performance, this is just one factor that educators and administrators have to consider. 

The Kalwall white paper, 4 Ways to Get an A+ from Your Clients in the Education Market, discusses opportunities to deliver unique solutions when catering to the education market. The paper examines: 

  • Daylight Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Cost Savings through Renovation and Installation

Complimentary Daylight Modelling

Daylighting is the practice of using controlled natural light to illuminate a space. The result is a space that minimizes the use of artificial lighting, reduces carbon emissions and positively affects the performance, mood and wellbeing of the occupants. Daylight modeling brings science into the art of daylighting. It removes the design mystery and reveals the pattern of daylight on any building through 3D simulation software.

For further information regarding our complimentary daylight modeling services to help optimize your daylighting designs.