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Retrofit White Paper

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Increasing Energy Efficiency

Soaring energy prices along with a heightened awareness of global warming and climate change has made energy efficiency one of the building industry’s main drivers.

Are You Retrofitting?

Our white paper will provide you with some inspiration to make your next retrofit project a success.



Meeting Installation Requirements

With financial penalties and the subsequent effect that a small delay can have on your overall project, it is essential to keep installation on track to minimize delay and overspend. 


Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics

Combining artistic and architectural visions with practicality and user-friendly results is the real art in design.

Maintaining Cost Efficiencies

Keeping costs to a minimum throughout the life of a structure requires high performance and low maintenance.


When you’re working with an existing structure, there are many new challenges to take into consideration. Meeting these challenges with creative solutions can make a retrofit job even more exciting and rewarding than a new build. Four of the most common challenges are:

Featherstone project before kalwall
Featherstone project after kalwall