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Visual Blog: Kalwall in Sports and Recreation

Posted by Kalwall in Architecture, Blog, Sports on 09/27/2019

The ability to control natural daylight enhances any athletic facility, from recreational to professional sports. Providing glare-free, full-spectrum light is ideal for videography, mental focus and visual acuity.

Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels have been a preferred choice of athletic facilities large and small because of their ability to couple museum-quality daylighting, with increased visual privacy and protection from the elements.

Here are five athletic facilities across the globe where Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels have been used to provide the right diffuse natural daylighting solution.

Clemson Indoor Football Practice Facility

Clemson, South Carolina, USA

The Clemson football team is the 2018 National Champion, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the program has the best facilities for its players. That includes this practice facility which features Kalwall panels throughout to prevent glare and provide diffuse, natural daylighting to control solar heat gain and enhance security.

Clemson Indoor Football Practice FacilityPhotos: courtesy of GMC + Sherman Construction
Clemson Indoor Football Practice Facility


Complexe Sportif

Bussy-Saint-Georges, France

Whether you’re playing pickup basketball or cheering on your friends, this sports complex provides a comfortable ambiance to the competitive atmosphere. The glare-free daylighting provides high visual acuity, allowing athletes and spectators to easily see court markings and to play or watch without squinting.

Photos by: Marc Sourbron


John Fry Sports Park Pavilion

Edmonton, Canada

Kalwall’s translucent canopies and wall systems are elegantly displayed, combining functionality and style. The canopies protect players and spectators from unfiltered sunlight, while the wall system shields the locker rooms from outside bystanders. At night, backlighting the panels creates a memorable glow that draws people in and highlights signage.

John Fry Sports Park PavilionPhotos by: Bruce Edward


Yankee Stadium

Bronx, New York, USA

Baseball is America’s pastime, but the games can be overwhelmingly hot during the summer months. This massive Skyroof®, designed by the global-renowned firm Populous, allows spectators to navigate through the stadium’s Great Hall under diffuse daylighting with superior thermal performance and solar heat gain control.


Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club

London, UK

This London boxing club needed to rebuild after the devastating Grenfell Tower fire destroyed its home. An inspiring project, the facility’s façade is comprised of 656 square feet (200m2) of Kalwall translucent sandwich panels, which provide natural daylighting as well as safety and privacy for the athletes. The panels are incorporated into RAICO’s innovative THERM+ stick built curtain wall, which provides a seamless finish.

Photos by: Alex Upton

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