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Visual Blog: Kalwall in the Education Market

Posted by Kalwall in Architecture, Blog, Education on 05/06/2019

Introducing diffuse natural daylight into educational facilities provides advantages on multiple levels, the most important being the benefit to students. Multiple studies have shown that students exposed to more natural daylight progress faster than kids with less daylight. Translucent sandwich panels also provide line of sight protection to areas where privacy and security are important, as well as create the right thermal envelope.

Here are five educational facilities across the globe where Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels have been used to provide the right diffuse natural daylighting solution.

Centre for Advanced Design + Training | Deakin University

Waurn Ponds, Australia

Kalwall’s translucent panels provide a warm and rich learning environment for students at the Centre for Advanced Design and Engineering Training (CADET). Designed by the architectural group Gray Puksand, the building uses a mix of glazing and Kalwall panels to create a facade that is visually appealing both inside and out.

still hopes retirement communityPhotos by: Mark Duffus
still hopes retirement community night time


Darwen Academy

Darwen, UK

The Darwen Aldridge Community Academy is a building you don’t see every day. It has one of the largest sedum roofs in the UK and features multiple Skyroofs® to create a glare-free blanket of natural light in the main lobby and other parts of the building. The Kalwall panels used in the skyroofs help eliminate uncontrolled sunlight and keep cooling and lighting costs down.

still hopes retirement community
still hopes retirement community night time


Edmonton Islamic Academy

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A wall of blue and white Kalwall panels spelling “in the name of God” in Arabic, welcomes visitors at the main entrance of the Edmonton Islamic Academy. Above that is a 3,000 sq. ft. Kalwall skyroof that covers the large prayer area giving students a peaceful and welcoming area to reflect and worship. The hurricane-rated Kalwall panels also provide more protection than standard glass structures.

methodist south hospital


Cornell School of Ecology

Ithaca, NY, USA

Completed in the fall of 2011, the Cornell School of Ecology earned LEED platinum certification for its sustainable structures. A facade of Kalwall panels cuts down on energy consumption by using daylight harvesting to illuminate the building. The wall of panels is also an eye-catching feature.

pearse street primary care centre seatingPhotos by: Paul Warchol
pearse street primary care centre


Sargent Shriver Elementary School

Silver Spring, MD, USA

Structures Unlimited, Inc., Kalwall’s strategic partner, used precision-engineered structural aluminum framing to build a large, man-safe canopy over two entry points of Sargent Shriver Elementary School, including the main entrance. The canopies help diffuse some of the blazing mid-day rays, while also providing protection against the rain and snow. Simple rainfall also works to keep the Kalwall panels clean for low maintenance needs.

methodist south hospital

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