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Where Champions Train: Kalwall® Lights Up Broncos’ Indoor Facility

Posted by Kalwall in Architecture on 04/27/2016

Top-flight training facilities are a must for any professional sports team and that is certainly true for cold-weather teams in the National Football League. And when it comes to training facilities, the Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos have one of the best.

The 115,000 square-foot field house, which features a full-sized football field, was part of a $37 million project that prominently features Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels.

Kalwall® is a preferred partner for architects and contractors when it comes to indoor sports facilities because of its natural daylighting qualities, durability and flexibility. Kalwall® panels allow diffuse natural daylight to provide optimal training conditions.

The Broncos’ field house, for example, has three viewing towers, ranging from 48- to 78-feet high, for cameras to record practice. The glare-free Kalwall® panels provide the right kind of light for recording.

Powers Products of Denver, Colo., and Cheyenne, Wyo., is the regional distributor of Kalwall® products and was able to perform daylight modeling for the Broncos field house to achieve the ultimate in balanced, glare-free, Museum-quality DaylightingTM.