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The Wise Choice: Unitized Curtain Walls from Kalwall®

Posted by Kalwall in Uncategorized on 09/24/2015
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As construction throughout the United States slows or even stalls due to a shortage of glass curtain wall systems, more builders and architects are turning to Kalwall® unitized curtain wall.

Both structural and diffuse light-transmitting, Kalwall offers the industry’s best U values and solar heat gain control to perform as a superior thermal envelope, especially when compared to polycarbonate systems and most insulated glass (IGU).

The appeal of Kalwall® is stronger than ever now that a shortage of materials and production ability for glass curtain wall systems has taken its toll on the construction industry. The cost of glass curtain wall systems has risen dramatically. Meanwhile, the production of Kalwall® unitized curtain wall systems remain on time and on budget.

The payoff for our factory unitized wall systems is a single-source fabrication that results in increased quality for long-term performance over field installed joinery. Kalwall® includes its specially engineered, thermally broken installation system for a complete “kit of parts.” Kalwall® also offer project specific daylight engineering with its free modeling service to assist with product selection that will meet lighting goals.

Kalwall® has long been a leader in sustainability. Kalwall® panels have been harvesting daylight without sacrificing thermal performance for 60 years. Since its inception, Kalwall® has been incorporated into the designs of almost 1000 LEED® certified projects and has also been specified in multiple zero energy buildings and BREEAM® projects.

Kalwall® can build unitized facade panels up to 5′x30′ and incorporate fixed and operable vision glazing, including our high performance E-series fixed and operable windows.

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