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Style points: Kalwall® website gets new look

Posted by Kalwall in Kalwall News on 04/21/2015

Clean, efficient and eye-catching. Kalwall has unveiled a new website featuring a full photo portfolio, expanded content and a searchable database of products.

“We thought it was time to give our website a fresh look that was highly functional,” said Kalwall® creative director Sam Keller. “This site achieves our goal of showcasing Kalwall® and its design flexibility across many markets. We believe the aesthetics will inspire and inform future daylight designs.”

Kalwall’s museum-quality daylightingproducts have been an industry leader since the company first started producing translucent panels in 1955. The new site was unveiled in March and features bold and brilliant pictures highlighting the many applications of Kalwall® products in a wide variety of projects.

The site was also designed to allow clients and distributors easy navigation to the technology that makes Kalwall® the industry leader in daylighting, as well as the many products, projects and markets of Kalwall®.

The site’s scrolling locking panels are part of an intuitive navigation system, allowing viewers to see the impressive array of applications where Kalwall® has been used. Sorting options include: product lines, market sector, panel grids, sustainable projects and specialty applications.

“We wanted to make it easy to find what you want,” Keller said. “We wanted to showcase the beauty of the product by using photos and also provide in-depth technical resources to inform consumers about the many reasons to use Kalwall® – to increase awareness about our incredible energy efficiency, product sustainability, structural composites technology and diffuse daylighting benefits.”

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