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The A,B,Cs of Kalwall® in Schools

Posted by Kalwall in Education on 12/18/2014

The ability to transform any educational setting into something inspirational is what makes Kalwall® translucent structural sandwich panels a preferred component for a broad range of facilities.

The recently released brochure, Kalwall® Schools and Educational Facilities, is a four-page, glossy colored fact sheet that highlights the beauty and value of diffuse natural lighting produced by Kalwall® skyroofs and wall systems. Whether it’s a retrofit, remodel or new project, Kalwall® systems add the elements of aesthetic beauty and functionality required in educational facilities.

One study showed students in classrooms with the most daylighting progressed 20 percent faster on math tests and 26 percent faster on reading tests over a year period than those with the least daylighting.

Kalwall® is also architecturally favored for its style and glare-free Museum-Quality Daylighting™. It is energy efficient and, when used in projects by strategic partner Structures Unlimited Inc., offers a corrosive resistant product ideally-suited for pools and natatoriums.

The versatility of Kalwall® lends itself well to a variety of educational projects that includes classrooms, common areas, canopies for walkways, field houses, music studios and theaters, libraries and offices.

The Kalwall® Schools and Educational Facilities brochure highlights Kalwall’s long history with educational facilities in a redesigned look that features images of the many projects using Kalwall®.

“We think the new look of the brochure captures the versatility of Kalwall,” said Sam Keller, Kalwall’s creative director. “We wanted the pictures to tell the story.”

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