Prefabricated Curtainwall Systems 2. High-Performance Translucent Daylighting - Panel Unit/Unitized Curtainwall Systems
The most highly insulating daylighting systems in the world!
Large pre-assembled translucent units (flat or curved) with factory-installed operating or fixed glass windows are a cost-effective, high-performance, building solution. Installation is rapid and trouble-free with minimal on-site fabrication and associated scrap or delay. The resulting Museum-quality DaylightingTM is a pleasure for building occupants, while energy efficiency of the space is maximized.

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Translucent Panel Unit Systems Translucent Daylighting Systems

When wall systems require vision, ventilation, air handling ventilation and/or opaque spandrel panels, Kalwall pre-engineered Unitized Curtainwall Systems can incorporate all the desired features specified in a design. The result is a rapidly installed curtainwall that delivers ultimate performance as a total system.

  • NEW Hurricane-Resistant E-SeriesTM Windows allow integration of clear vision glass with translucent panels. Certified to TAS 201, 202 and 203, as well as ASTM E1886 and E1996 in fixed and project-out sash models. Kalwall is the only translucent system meeting these specifications.
  • Factory-assembled 2-3/4" (70mm) and 4" (100mm) Kalwall 100TM sandwich panel curtainwall systems.
  • Operating/fixed windows (HC-2000 and E-SeriesTM).
  • Opaque panels.
  • Louvers.

  • Rapid installation and permanent weather seal (unlike most stick-built, "frame and glaze" components, which are all field-assembled, prone to failure and high maintenance upkeep).
  • Kalwall's prefabricated Unitized Curtainwall Systems are totally pre-finished, inside and out.
  • Delivered to the job site in large, preassembled units up to 5' x 24' (1.5m x 7.3m) and larger, limited only by handling destination.

  • LEED® contribution.
  • Super-insulating, light-transmitting Kalwall+ Lumira® aerogel are panels infilled with the latest iteration of this space-age, super insulating aerogel for R-20 panel with U-value of 0.05 Btu/hr/ft2/°F (0.30 W/m2K) with 20% light transmission.
  • Special application and national building code-compliant. Following are just a few of the codes and standards applying to some Kalwall Unitized Curtainwall Systems:
  • Explosion Venting Panels designed and manufactured to FM 4440 standards.
  • ICC-ES AC 177 compliant.
  • Approved to the latest FM Standard 4881 for Exterior Wall Systems.
  • Seismic code compliant.
  • Optional extra-high impact faces withstand extraordinary impact forces in accordance with UL 972 standards.
  • A thermoset FRP/aluminum composite that will not melt, Kalwall panels have many optional fire-reaction capabilities.

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Unitized Curtainwall System CAD details, as well as Revit® Details and Families, are available.

Translucent panel/metal panel/sash

Translucent panel/emergency vents

Fixed blade louver/translucent panel


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