Kalwall In The News
Solar Components Corp./Kalwall® Corp. Win SBIC Award for Revolutionary Daylighting System

Prestigious Industry Award Recognizes Revolutionary Breakthrough

Kalwall Corporation, a leader in the field of translucent building fenestration systems, and its subsidiary Solar Components Corp. recently received the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council’s (SBIC) “Best Practice” Sustainability Award for 2003. The award recognizes Kalwall for the revolutionary daylighting and energy efficient benefits found in the Kalwall+ Nanogel® translucent aerogel insulated fenestration system.

Kalwall+ Nanogel translucent aerogel fenestration system offers an NFRC certified panel U-value of .05 (R-20), up to five times greater than insulating glass systems, with museum-quality light. The new Kalwall+ Nanogel panels filled with translucent aerogel offer the most insulating, diffuse-light-transmitting technology available today. Kalwall Corp. exclusively manufactures the system, working with Cabot Corporation.

The Kalwall+ Nanogel panel itself provides a thermal protection of U=. 05 (R-20) with up to 20 percent light transmission, and improved sound attenuation, making it easier for designers to satisfy new stricter building codes. These exceptional benefits allow the system to be used as all or part of a wall or roof structure. In addition, the Kalwall+ Nanogel system transmits light that is virtually free of glare, hotspots, and shadows.

Manufactured exclusively by Cabot through a patented process, Nanogel translucent aerogel is a lightweight, nanoporous insulation material that can deliver increased light transmission levels, while resistant to moisture and mildew.

The award-winning Kalwall+ Nanogel products were evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Contributions to reduced energy consumption and/or improved environmental performance

  • Transferability and marketability

  • Environmentally sensitive design

  • Careful integration of architecture, building materials and systems, energy efficiency, and renewable strategies

  • Current and potential impact on the increased understanding and growth of America’s sustainable buildings

  • Innovative use of renewable and passive design techniques

“We are very pleased that the SBIC recognized the Kalwall+ Nanogel system with this award,” said Bruce Keller, vice president of Kalwall Corp. “This product offers superior daylighting qualities that will become an industry standard for building owners interested in daylighting and energy efficiency.”